Saturday, April 16, 2011

Three Months Old!

I haven't posted in a while.  Going back to work has been keeping me busy.  It has been a fairly smooth transition.  I think it really helps to know that I just have 7 more weeks to go until I get an 8 week break.  I am glad for that!  My students are funny, too.  They ask me every day how Max is doing.  They want to know, "What is he doing right now?" Silly kids...  I hear them explaining to kids in other classes that Max is just his nickname.  His REAL name is Maxwell.  We had a response to literature writing assignment last week.  The kids were supposed to answer a specific question and use evidence from the text to explain their reasoning.  One boy's essay read, "One day my teacher had a baby.  Then we had another teacher for a long time.  Then my teacher came back."  Unfortunately, the story he was supposed to summarize was about a little girl on her first day in a new school.  I guess it is good I am back.

Even though I have been busy, I did remember to take Max's 3 month photo.  Today he will get his 'real' pictures taken.  I already can't wait to see them.  I hope little boy wants to cooperate so we can get some great shots!

He is holding his head up a lot better.  He is really becoming interested in watching his surroundings.  I have noticed him checking other children out in public, the cats, me cooking, etc.  I wonder what he thinks about it all?  We are going to Quinton's birthday tomorrow.  I am interested to see what he does there.  (By the way, I can't believe little Quinton is going to be SIX years old.  That just blows my mind!)

He rolled over the other day for Jarek from tummy to back.  Daddy got very excited!  I saw him do it once, but it was a long time ago.  I am pretty sure it was just reflexive back then. 

His hair and his eyelashes have grown a lot.  His eyelashes stick straight out.  There is not a bit of curl to them.  Picture Snuffleupagus...that is what they look like!  I have been watching his fingernails grow also.  His fingernails from when he was born are now completely grown out. Why do I notice these things? Or feel the need to mention it as important growth information?  I guess it is just so amazing.  Every single thing about the last three months has been.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Fun Times!

I am going back to work on Monday...sighhhhhhhhhhhhhh.  I know that I have been away from work for 5 long months and I should be ready to get back to the grind, but I just want to stay home and play!  I have never spent so much time at home in my life as I have since November.  It was definitely a big adjustment to have so much down time, but now I am in love with it.  I can't believe that I will only have 2 days a week to chill!  That is assuming the cleaning/shopping/organizing fairy comes to the house on a nightly basis while we are all asleep so the weekends can be dedicated to hanging out. 

Here are a few photos from my last day at home alone with Baby Max.  He is so much fun to play with during his awake time these days.  I love the cooing, laughing, and the letting mommy do whatever she wants to me time. So, mommy decided she was in desparate need of yet another photo shoot.  Too bad I don't have any real skills!

Look at those lips!

He loved being naked and having this soft blanket wrapped around him. 

Still flailing around a bit...

Sitting up (thanks to all the props)!  Check out that head control :)

Reading books with his buddies.  This was actually the first time we have ever played with stuffed animals, but when he liked how soft the blanket was I thought he might enjoy these cuddly guys, too.  Notice his arm wrapped around the shoulders of his puppy friend?  Ha, ha!  He let me read him 4 books and pretended to be enthralled with all of them.